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Tonka Turf
Providing lawn care and snow removal for the Lake
Minnetonka, Minnetonka, Shorewood, Excelsior,
Chanhassen, Hopkins, Wayzata and Victoria.
Victoria Area Services We Provide

WEEKLY LAWN MAINTENANCE:  Service includes mowing of all grass
areas, trimming of all edges, trees and landscape. Blowing off all
landscape, driveway, and sidewalk surfaces included in weekly lawn
maintenance.  Mowing grass areas weekly helps in maintaining color,
health and new growth throughout the lawn.  Weekly lawn maintenance
starts May 1st, and ends October 31st. Request a quote click

SPRING/ FALL CLEAN- UP:  Removal of all leaves, sticks, and any
other yard debris from lawn, landscape beds, and surfaces.  Debris will
be placed in natural areas when available. If debris is hauled away by
Tonka Turf Inc. there will be an additional charge.  Gutter cleaning is
also offered.  Spring and fall clean-up services create a clean and
maintained property, while stimulating healthy lawn growth.  Spring
clean-up service is offered late April, early May. Fall clean-up is
performed October 15th - November.
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DETHATCHING:  Thatch is the build-up of dead grass in a lawn which
can suffocate new lawn growth.  Dethatching is a power raking of the
lawn offered to remove a percentage of dead thatch.  Thatch disposal
also included in this service.  Dethatching service is offered and
recommended late April, early May.
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FERTILIZER:  A nitrogen based fertilizer applied three times over a
summer growing season will promote good lawn growth and healthy
color.  This fertilizer is EPA approved and extremely soluble.  Organic
fertilizers are also available.  The three applications are early spring,
mid-Summer, and late fall.
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Fertilizer License - 20107624

WEED CONTROL:  A liquid broad-leaf herbicide.  EPA approved and
fast drying, this service controls most common lawn weeds.  
Applications should be done twice within a summer growing season, to
insure proper maintenance.  The first application to be applied early
June, the second to be applied late July and early August.  Crabgrass
preventative is applied within first spring fertilizer application, to be
done in early spring.  Properties with a larger weed base may require
more than two applications as well as a personal consultation.
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Commercial Pesticide Applicators License - 20107626

PRUNING:  Trimming of shrubs and small trees offered throughout
summer season.  Pruning of shrubs and trees promotes proper growth
and longer life.
Pruning requires a personal consultation due to the fact that each
property and customer concern is different.
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AERATION:  Plug-type aeration is offered in October.  This type of
aeration allows lawn to breathe as well as recycles nutrients through
the soil. Holes created from aeration allow water, and new nutrients to
reach the base of the lawn while the plug carries the necessary
nutrients to rejuvenate lawn growth.  Aeration service is offered starting
late September until November 1st.
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  • Driveway, side walk, and patio edging
  • Re-mulching of landscape beds
  • Weeds in landscaping: once a month spray/pulling of weeds in
    mulch/rock beds
  • Sod/seed/dirt repair: dead spots, sunken spots, etc.
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  • Shoveling of walks and aprons
  • De-icing, salt and sand
  • Lot sanding available
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  • Holiday Outdoor Light Decorating
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